Social media is an incredibly popular and effective marketing tool for businesses and it is now a vital part of any marketing strategy.

With the ability to build brand awareness and engage directly with your target audience, it can play a major role in helping you to achieve your business goals.

Content is key

Good social media is all about the content. Regular and relevant posts are key to success on social media. Making sure that content is informative and useful, rather than a blatant sales pitch is vital. Your audience will be looking for industry knowledge, a voice of authority on your area of expertise. By sharing advice and insights, you can position yourself and your business as a thought leader on key industry issues.

A well-crafted content calendar can help ensure that you remain active on social media channels with consistent and engaging posts.

Engage directly with your target audience

Social media gives you the opportunity to engage directly with your target audience. Whether you build up your following organically, or invest in a paid-for campaign that increases your reach, social media provides you with a platform to communicate with new and existing customers.

Making sure that you continue the conversation on social media is vital. If you publish a post, make sure you respond to comments and questions in a timely manner to keep your audience engaged.

Drive traffic to your website

Social media is a great way to drive target customers to your website. By signposting them to blog posts and content hosted on your website, you can increase traffic to your site and convert your community into customers.

How we can help

Knowing what to write and coming up with enough content to fill each week can be a challenge, which is why many people steer clear of social media altogether. Our social media service does all the hard work for you. We provide two options:

• Provide you with a monthly schedule of content for you to simply copy and post onto your channels. This content will be complete with links to your website and meaningful hashtags, giving you bespoke content, ready for posting.

• Deliver and post all the content as above while monitoring best posts, times of day and website traffic generation along with brand awareness and organic reach. Monthly reports will be provided.

Outsource Your Social Media

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