Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making sure your website is as attractive as possible to search engines, so that your website is high on the list of results when someone searches for a relevant term, leading new customers to your website.

It’s working on your ‘organic reach’, meaning you aren’t using paid for advertising. Your investment goes into time spent improving your website and how it’s perceived elsewhere online instead.

While you can pay for ads to get your name at the top of the results pages, you can end up paying huge amounts for relatively few website visits if you don’t have the right knowledge to use ads effectively.

Getting your SEO sorted will also make your website easier to use, making the benefits even greater. Using a digital marketing expert will make sure your website is in the best possible shape for you to appear when your ideal customers are searching for the product or service they need.

On Page SEO

This refers to all the content on your website – the words on the page. An SEO expert will be able to find the keywords that are used most frequently around your business type, and ensure that these are woven through the content of your site. Doing this signposts to the search engines that you are the kind of site they want to show when someone is searching for those particular terms. 

However, there is a fine line between using keywords and overloading a website to try to trick the system, and this is where digital specialism comes into play.

A good on-page SEO analysis will also identify any key points missing from your website, such as whether there are product details your customers look for which you don’t provide, or if there are frequently asked questions that you are not answering – it could mean you’re missing out on valuable website traffic.

On top of that, using the correct language and answering your customers’ questions makes your site better for your customers to use – everyone’s a winner!


Technical SEO

If phrases like ‘site crawling, ‘compression’ and ‘data’ make your head spin, it’s time to look for an SEO expert. They will be able to go ‘behind the scenes’ of your website and make sure it’s technically up to scratch. 

Again, it’s another thing that the search engines will check when they’re deciding which sites will rank more highly. It will also make your website easier for your customers to use, so it improves things all-round.

Off Page SEO

The search engines also look at where else you appear online in order to build a picture of how reliable or trustworthy your site is.

An SEO expert will identify the best places for your site to be featured and work to make that happen.

It can be difficult to see the value of SEO from the outside, especially if you can’t see all of the changes made to your website, but if done properly it will push your website up the search engine rankings, increase the number of visitors to your site and increase sales.

The more people start visiting your site and the longer they spend there, the more it will be promoted by the search engines as a reliable page, and so the cycle continues.



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