Public relations is an often-overlooked aspect of marketing, but can reap huge rewards for businesses.

The aspect of public relations which most often springs to people’s minds is media relations – getting your business and your story featured in the media. Content written by journalists is trusted more than paid-for content; people trust their preferred media sources, and so endorsement from them is given more weight in audiences’ minds.

Press Releases

A good press release will highlight the positive aspects of your business while providing journalists with a ‘hook’ to make it interesting to their audience. Targeting print press, broadcast and online publications, and getting your name mentioned in the right places can help you to promote a particular product or event, as well as increasing your brand awareness – keeping you in your ideal customers’ minds when they reach the point when they are ready to invest in your products or services. 

From crafting the perfect press release to targeting the appropriate publications for your business and arranging interview opportunities, public relations work can raise the profile of your brand in a way that other marketing channels cannot.

With the media industry in a constant state of change, using a professional public relations service will have the advantage of up-to-date contacts and a detailed knowledge of how the industry works.

Reputation and Communication

But public relations doesn’t stop there – it’s all about keeping you in the minds of your customers and your general brand reputation. Public relations is traditionally a two-way channel of communication, so rather than just telling your customers about what you do through advertising, for example, you create a relationship, making your customer feel they are able to engage with you.

This builds trust in your brand and encourages loyalty, helping you gain your ideal customer, and increasing those third-party recommendations from customers you have already satisfied.

PR Campaigns

While sometimes a single press release is enough to meet a particular objective, public relations should be woven into your business plan as a whole, as with the other aspects of your marketing strategy.  Regular, consistent coverage which reflects what is happening in your business and your overall vision, values and aims strengthens your whole brand. 

The more journalists are aware of you and what your business does, the more likely it is that you’ll come to mind when they’re looking for an expert opinion – again increasing your visibility and the perception of you as an expert in what you do, as your audience hear their trusted source of information talking about how good you are.

Public Relations

Outsource Your Public Relations

Whether it’s a one-off event or a long-term PR campaign, increasing your company presence helps to maintain or increase your brand’s reputation as well as contributing to your bottom line. Done well, it aligns perfectly with the rest of your marketing strategy and reinforces the key messages you’re looking to get out to your customers. 

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