Sometimes there’s nothing quite like getting in touch personally. Direct marketing includes post, emails and even text messages, where you’re targeting a specific group of people with a specific message.

Done properly, it can reap huge rewards – the benefits of putting your offer directly in front of your customers shouldn’t be overlooked.

Why is direct marketing so good?

Direct marketing can be very targeted, and you can monitor the results of your campaign much more easily than is possible with other advertising methods. Through the use of technology, you can personalise what your customers receive, send it to those who are most likely to respond and make your customers feel valued – they’re getting something which isn’t being offered to everyone.

From the customer’s perspective, direct marketing is an offer just for them, giving a sense of exclusivity and encouraging brand loyalty; when you treat them as special, they’re more likely to think of you when they’re looking to purchase the product or service you can deliver.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is now a key part of the marketer’s toolkit, with the opportunity to create professional looking messages, tailored to specific audience groups but with a personal touch. As well as your text, emails can include pictures, graphics and even videos, making it an opportunity to really show yourself at your best. Even with all this content, email marketing remains incredibly cost-effective.

A marketing expert can help you gather and use the relevant data, create an eye-catching subject line to encourage your customers to open the email, and include an offer or call to action which is just too good to refuse.

With various email marketing software available, you’ll also be able to get reports showing you how many people have looked at your email and what actions they’ve taken, helping to create an even more successful campaign next time around.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a slightly more costly option than electronic alternatives but placing something physically in your customers’ hands elicits a response that is difficult to replicate. Nowadays, people are more likely to open their post than their emails – with the amount of junk in our inboxes, it’s too easy to press the delete button.

However, a personally addressed letter is more unusual. If you can capitalise on that with good graphics, clear content and an irresistible call to action, it can have a massive impact on your sales.

You can also include information about products, services, offers and events in a form that wouldn’t be possible using other advertising channels.

Taking the advice of a direct marketing specialist will make your mailing as powerful as possible. A marketing expert will help you pinpoint the best time to use this form of direct marketing, what to include in your message and how to guide your customers from reading a message to taking action.

Direct marketing can make your customers feel important, valued, and special. Working with a direct marketing expert will make sure your messages maintain that positive association, without bombarding your customers or sending them irrelevant information.

An expert will also ensure all the direct marketing activities you undertake have measurable results which will help to inform your future marketing activities.

Outsource Your Direct Marketing

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