Integrating Linkedin Live to your marketing strategy

Social media has been dominating digital marketing for many years now. Linkedin, in particular, has undergone a dramatic transformation. The professional platform has come along way since its launch in 2003, and today over 770 million people use it.

When Linkedin first launched, it was established as a social network for professionals. Users could post their professional credentials and seek out career opportunities.

But today, the platform is about much more than recruitment. It provides a platform for professionals and business leaders to share their thoughts and insights, building their own credibility and personal brand. It is less about the hard sell, and more about thought leadership. And the key to success is content

Content is key

It is no secret that engaging content is key to success on social media. From images, graphics and gifs, to carefully crafted video content and live streaming, when it comes to content, the richer the better.

Video content has become the tool of the moment for social media strategy. In fact, in a recent Instagram Live, Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, said that video is driving an immense amount of growth online for all major platforms.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Linkedin has bolstered its video offer in the past few years with the introduction of Linkedin live.

Video on Linkedin

Linkedin launched its native video platform in 2017, and since then it has really taken off. Linkedin insights have shown that video is the fastest-growing content type on the platform. It is five times more likely to generate conversations and 20 times more likely to be re-shared.

Linkedin Live is the latest video feature to be launched by the professional networking platform. Live streaming enables individuals and business owners to engage with their audiences in real-time.

Why Linkedin Live?

Live streaming has become incredibly popular across all audiences, accounting for 82% of all Internet traffic. 80% of audiences would rather watch a video than read a blog post, and 82% would prefer a live stream to a static social media post.

Linkedin Live streams have increased by 158% since February 2020. Initially available to individual users, businesses and organisations can now also tap into this popular tool.

LinkedIn Lives get seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments than native video. Put simply, it’s what businesses should be investing their marketing budget into when it comes to social media.

People are using it to launch products, do broadcasts from events and conferences, showcase the people behind the brand and demonstrate thought leadership.
Brands are recognising the value in live video, which has the power to shape brand perception and win real time engagement with their audience. It puts you directly in front of your key customers, enabling you to have conversations that before were not possible.

How does LinkedIn Live work?

Firstly it is important to note that you have to apply to become a live broadcaster. Not everyone will be approved. LinkedIn is looking for experienced creators with a large audience and track record of creating quality video content.

Next you need to select a streaming tool. LinkedIn has a number of preferred partners that are simple to use. You then need to connect your chosen tool with LinkedIn and then you are ready to start broadcasting.

What can you use it for?

There are so many uses for live streams, but the key is to make it interactive. It is not just about you presenting to a live audience. It is the chance for them to communicate back. It is the opportunity to hold a two-way conversation. Hosting ‘Ask me anything’ or ‘Q&A’ style sessions is the perfect way to encourage interaction with your audience.

Live streams also make it possible for anyone in the world to join your event and participate in real time. You could stream a speaker panel, give ‘behind the scenes’ access, engage your audience in a workshop, or encourage feedback from participants.

Many brands are also using Linkedin Live to launch new products and demo them. You are able to invite key audiences to your launch and the live nature of the stream enables everyone to hear the news at the same time. People can ask questions and fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Linkedin Live is increasingly being used for recruitment. It gives the employer the opportunity to show the candidate what it is really like working at a company. From live office tours to FAQs with key employees, a live stream can really give a potential employee a true feel for a company.

The dos and don’ts of Linkedin Live

• Do make sure that your streams are at least 10-15 minutes long. Any shorter and it doesn’t give your audience enough time to grow and interact
• Do prepare your content. This way you will avoid any live blunders.
• Do be genuine and authentic. Whilst preparation is key don’t over rehearse. Your audience want to see you. Not a robot.
• Do establish a consistent schedule. Whether it’s once a day, week or month. Establish your frequency and stick to it.
• Do engage with your audience. Answer their questions and comments in real time.

• Don’t go live more than once a day. More than one stream a day could be overwhelming for your audience.
• Don’t do a hard sell. Your audience will be looking for exciting news, product launches, and thought leadership so avoid content that is overly promotional.
• Don’t use pre-recorded content. All content should be in real time.

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