How does it work?
– You buy the time you need per month, this time can be used on various marketing activities.

Why use Smart Thinking Consultancy?
– I am a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing and a former South West board member. Unlike some marketing companies, I keep up to date with my CPD by attending regular courses, events and training, alongside continually reading on the subject of marketing, to keep up to date on trends, industry standards and news. I have worked with all types of industry, sectors and channels, and provide an all-round approach to marketing. Smart Thinking Consultancy is different from some other marketing companies, as I offer an entirely all-inclusive method of marketing, while some others only deal with a certain part of the marketing elements, such as digital, content writing or PR.

Why should I outsource my marketing?
– Outsourcing can save you money and time, while gaining an experienced marketing person. It saves you money on employing somebody direct, and saves you the stress when it doesn’t work out. Outsourcing gives you flexibility, so if you need extra support one month, you can increase your time, or if you don’t want the service anymore, just stop.

I already outsource part of my marketing, so how would that work if I started working with Smart Thinking Consultancy?
– Lots of companies already have preferred partners, whether that be a web developer, PR agency or maybe a content provider. If this is the case, I would work in conjunction with these partnerships to ensure all the relevant marketing strands are pulled together, therefore ensuring everybody is pulling in the same direction, towards the same shared business goals, while keeping the messaging on point and consistent.

What happens if I don’t need you any more, or I employ somebody direct?
– Then all you need to do is give me 60 days notice, which enables me to hand over all projects in a cohesive manner.

Is there a minimum monthly spend?
– The minimum you can sign up to a month is 1 day (£450). This is because we wouldn’t get much done with anything less than that, and therefore I wouldn’t be making the impact you need. 

I already have somebody internally that does some marketing, so how would that work with you coming on board?
– If you want to keep some tasks in-house, we can work together to decide what parts to outsource and which parts to keep in-house, helping you to utilize your staff and keep your costs down. 

What if I need more time in a month?
– You can add extra hours per month, either ongoing or just for that particular month.

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